Choir Director

Rik henningRik Henning is our enthusiastic choir director since 2012. He brings joy and passion to our singing and has a sharp ear for every voice section. Rik not only directs several choirs, but also plays the trumpet and piano and sings beautifully as a tenor.

Rik was born in 1980 and started his career as trumpet player. He has sung in many choirs. He studied the trumpet at the Conservatorium in Utrecht under Willem van der Vliet, and studied piano and singing alongside the trumpet. Rik switched his major to choir direction under Rob Vermeulen, graduating in 2005 and has followed numerous masterclasses in choir direction since.

Rik’s choir directing has included orchestras, various pop-choirs, cantate choirs and a barbershop choir. In 2010 he moved to The Hague and we welcomed him with open arms.